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Quality of Life

It is difficult to describe quality of life in any community when quality of life is clearly in the eyes of the beholder. Any particular component of life important to you may not necessarily be important to another. However, there are core qualities most would agree are important: housing; low cost-of-living; education; health care services; transportation access; and a gentle and kind place to raise a family.

Home to the richest farmland on earth, Iowa is a land and people shaped historically by agriculture, and today by technology. Calling Iowa the state between two rivers is geographically accurate, but the real description of Iowa reaches beyond mere geography. The state, and most especially Iowa, is not merely a place but a vibrant region with a vision for the future.

What makes a city a great place to live? Ask anyone and you might hear several different responses-ranging from good schools, parks and recreational space, clean air and water, availability of the arts or other cultural events, to a low crime rate, affordable housing, activities, and things to do.

The living environment of an area is frequently mentioned as an important factor in a company’s choice of location for a new or expanded facility, most frequently, in terms of the location’s capability to attract and retain “high performance workers.” The high performers seek employment and living opportunities where they are more able to “balance work and life.”

The Indian Hills Region is a place where workers can do just that… shorter commute times and easy access to entertainment, shopping, cultural events, recreational amenities, state-of-the art medical care, and quality schools make the Indian Hills Region a preferred place to live. And area employers concur.

The definition of quality of life is different for everyone. The main thing that determines quality of life is our ability to enjoy all that life has to offer. Southern Iowa has a variety of opportunities and amenities to meet everyone’s definition of Quality of Life. “Coming Home” video is a collaboration between IHRD, Opportunity² and Iowa Department of Economic Development in assisting local businesses with recruiting problems they may be having with the misperception of this region. Take a minute to enjoy our regional marketing video made to enhance our region, inform others on what we have to offer, and make one realize, this is a great place to live, work, and play!