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Workforce & Training

Iowa has a long tradition of providing a highly-educated, highly-skilled, motivated, and productive workforce. This educated workforce delivers a more motivated laborer, lower start-up costs, lower training costs, fewer job related accidents, and shorter training periods. At the Iowa Bioprocess Training Center (IBTC) prospective IBC employees have the opportunity to receive education for both credit and non-credit in the bioprocessing industry facilitated by Indian Hills Community College.

Iowa Bioprocess Training Center

Built with the assistance of the industries; Federal, State, and local governments; utilities and Indian Hills Community College, the facility offers state of the art training in Bioprocess Manufacturing for new and existing employees.

What We Offer

Credited Programs:

Bioprocessing Technology Education Routes

  • Agricultural/Biofuels Process Technology AAS
  • Process Control Diploma
  • Bio-Manufacturing Diploma
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Contact the Indian Hills Bioprocessing Director to answer any questions or to have a tour!
Kim Dreaden (641) 969-4167

Non-Credited Programs:
Industry Readiness Certificate