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Iowa has a long tradition of providing a highly-educated, highly-skilled, motivated, and productive workforce. This educated workforce delivers a more motivated laborer, lower start-up costs, lower training costs, fewer job related accidents, and shorter training periods.

Iowa Bioprocess Training Center

The Iowa Bioprocess Training Center in Eddyville, operated by Indian Hills Community College, is a unique facility. It's the only center in the nation that is designed specifically to meet the biotechnology training needs of the value-added agriculture industry.

The Iowa Bioprocess Training Center houses an expanded two-year credit program in Bioprocess Technology, as well as a new Process Control Technician certificate program. In addition, a full menu of biotechnology training courses are offered through Iowa BioDevelopment and in response to the needs of the value-added agriculture industry.

Special features of the Iowa Bioprocess Training Center include a fully-functional fermentation pilot plant/training laboratory, a process control training laboratory, a bioprocess training laboratory, an ICN classroom, and virtual reality software simulating a fermentation plant for training purposes.

The initial concept for the Iowa Bioprocess Training Center emerged during meetings of the Indian Hills Regional Development Corporation, a three-county development group made up of city and county officials as well as several area industries and utilities. As a result of this concept, Indian Hills Community College spearheaded the design and financing of the facility with the close cooperation of a number of public and private partners.

Critical to the growth of the area has been the availability of an outstanding, well educated workforce. The Iowa Bioprocess Training Center is a new, $2 million training facility located at the IBC, built to take our workforce's hardworking, mid-western work ethic to the next step.

Built with the assistance of the industries; Federal, State, and local governments; utilities; and Indian Hills Community College, the facility will offer state of the art training in Bioprocess Technology to new and existing employees along with offering a Bioprocess Technology Degree program.

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Iowa's Employment Situation - Facts and Figures

Source: Iowa Department of Economic Development
In today's creative economy, workforce is an essential component to business success. In a commitment to a vital and prosperous economy, the counties of Mahaska, Monroe and Wapello have launched a number of workforce business services to serve companies in the Indian Hills region to address their major concerns: availability, capability and affordability.

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