With a semi arriving at Cargill's corn dump every 2.4 minutes, an excellent transportation system is vital to the success of the Iowa Bioprocessing Center.

A new, 4-lane highway has been completed from Des Moines to Burlington. It passes less than a mile from the Iowa Bioprocessing Center. A new three-lane bridge over the Des Moines River was completed in the fall of 2005, and numerous intersection and turn lane improvements have been made to accommodate traffic.

Our outstanding transportation system has been one of our strongest advantages.

Proximity map showing distances of 50, 200, 350 and 500 miles. Proximity map showing distances of 50, 200, 350 and 500 miles.

Road Transport

The Indian Hills region is fortunate to be located in the Central Midwest region of the country. Because of our central location, major population centers are easily reached within a day’s transport which allows the driver to stay within DOT parameters.

Truck transportation of goods is common in the Indian Hills region. Roadway, Central Express, and Con Way have local terminals in nearby Ottumwa for both full load and LTL loads. Other over-the-road carriers include: ABF Freight Systems; Alexander Truck Lines; Barr Nunn Trucking; Harold Dickey Transport; D.R.S. Transport; Elliott Transport; Swift; Warren; Airland; Standard Forwarding; Don Hummer; GNF Express; Ken Hite Trucking; Jacobson Trucking; GSTC; CH Robinson; Jerry Rozenboom Trucking; and Schnieder Trucking.

Highways Serving Iowa Bioprocessing Center:
U.S. Highway 63 and State Highway 137

Highways Serving Indian Hills Region:
U.S. Highways 63 and 34, State Highways 5, 23, 92, 137, 146, 147, 149 and 163.

From/To Iowa Bioprocessing Center:

Rail Transport

The Iowa Bioprocessing Center is also fortunate to have excellent transportation services including two railroad companies – Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

In addition, nearby Ottumwa is the location of an AMTRAK passenger station and a rail line of the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad.

Air Transport

Commercial air service is available in Des Moines, a comfortable 70 minute trip on four-lane divided highway. Des Moines is served by American, United, Northwest, America West, Midwest Connect, Allegiant Air, Continental, and Comair. Hotels are located close to the airport, and airport parking is in a covered parking garage with immediate access to the terminal with no long walks required.

Des Moines International Airport

The Des Moines International Airport is owned and operated by the City of Des Moines. It is governed by a seven member Airport Board, composed of Des Moines citiens appointed by the City Council. The Board and staff are dedicated to making air travel to and from Des Moines more convenient and pleasurable. Thank you for visiting the Des Moines Internation Airport... the SMART way to fly!

LIST: Non-stop Flights

Ottumwa Regional Airport

The Ottumwa Airport is a full-service, civilian airport with a fixed base operator providing complete service for civilian aircraft and corporate jets including charter service, flight instruction and aircraft rental. The airport features two runways: 13-31 which is 5,885' long X 150' wide and runway 04-22 at 5,178' long X 200' wide. The runways are paved up to 175,000 lbs. gross weight. Instrument approach is a Category 1 Instrument (ILS) System. Hangar space is available for craft up to the size of a Falcon 50 jet. Air freight carriers serving the area include FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Oskaloosa Municipal Airport

The Oskaloosa Municipal Airport is an enhanced service airport located 9 miles southeast of the city of Oskaloosa. The airport is utilized by a full-time, fixed-base operator (FBO) with fueling (1100LL and Jet A), aircraft maintenance, aircraft rental and sales, and flight instruction. The airport also offers aircraft parking and hangar storage. The Oskaloosa Airport supports two runway facilities. Paved runway 13/31 is 4,003 feet long and 75 feet wide. The concrete surface runway has a 25,000 pound single whele loading. Medium intensity edge and threshold lights are in place. Runway 13/31 is equipped with runway end identifier lights (REIL) and precision approach path indicators (PAPI). Also paved, runway 4/22 is 1,925 feet long and 75 feet wide. Runway 4/22 is concrete surfaced and has a 25,000 pound single wheel loading. Both runways are serviced by a connecting taxiway system.

A non-precision instrument (NPI) approach may be made to runways 31 and 22. VOR/DME or GPS runway 31 NDB or GPS runway 22. The airport has a rotating beacon, lighted wind indicator, and non-directional beacon (NDB). An Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS III) is located on the airport. Landside facilities include a terminal building, aircraft storage hangars, fuel facilities, apron area, and vehicle parking.

Albia Municipal Airport

The Albia Municipal Airport is located just 2 miles southeast of town and features a 3,400 foot runway, unicom radio, instrument landing, VOR, fuel, and a non-directional beacon. The City recently acquired a federal grant to complete more improvements.

Water Transport

The Iowa Bioprocessing Center is only 74 miles from the Mississippi River at Burlington or Keokuk, Iowa and their tug and barge services. Access from the barge landings is available by the four-lane divided US Highway 34 to Ottumwa and US Highway 63 to Eddyville . Barge landing docks in Burlington are available to handle virtually any barged cargo at the Burlington River Terminal, Inc. They have two landings capable of handling both dry and liquid cargoes. For additional information call (319) 753-6533.