Finding Regulatory Assistance

Established by Governor Thomas Vilsack, the purpose of the Iowa Regulatory Response Initiative is to reduce response time by state agencies to specific inquiries, requests, and demands from businesses making an investment in job growth by using a coordinated system of communication and expediting of processes.

Regulatory Assistance Coordinators have been designated in agencies across state government to work as a cohesive network that assists businesses by streamlining the regulatory process. You may contact the Iowa Department of Economic Development directly for assistance, or the agency contacts reflected below.

Iowa Department of Economic Development Regulatory Assistance Team

Free, confidential consultation services for any regulatory topic or provide assistance in working with regulatory agencies such as identifying compliance requirements and timing considerations.

(515) 242-4901

Iowa's Regulatory Response Network

Below you will find a brief description of agency functions and a contact for assistance:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)
Administers environmental protection programs for air, water, land quality, maintains state parks and forests, and manages Iowa’s natural resources.

(515) 281-7276
Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS)
This department administers State Fire Marshall requirements for: buildings and facilities with public access, health care and educational facilities, management of combustible liquids, registration of above ground tanks, and fire fighter certification. IDPS also oversees State Building Code for construction standards as it applies to state owned buildings and local jurisdictions adopting the Code.
(515) 281-5042
Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR)
IDR administers Iowa tax laws and systems.
(515) 281-8966
Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT)
This department is responsible for entrance permits, agreement for revision of access to roadways, establishment of special access connection for utilities, and application to perform work within a state highway right-of-way.
(515) 233-7903
Iowa Secretary of State (ISOS)
This part of state government processes certificate of incorporation (to transact business as a corporation in Iowa), registration as a foreign corporation (a corporation organized under the laws of a state other than Iowa) and reserving the exclusive right of a corporate name in Iowa.
(515) 242-5071
Iowa Workforce Development (IWD)
This department administers Workforce Development Centers, Workers Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance. The Division of Labor Services, which is included within IWD, administers programs relating to occupational safety and health, construction contractor registration, child labor, wage payment and minimum wage, asbestos abatement, and elevator, escalator, boiler, pressure vessel, and amusement ride safety.
Department-wide: (515) 281-5082
Labor Services: (515) 281-5915