Economic Development Set-Aside (EDSA)

The EDSA program provides financial assistance to companies that create new employment opportunities and/or retain existing jobs, and make new capital investment in Iowa. The amount of funding is based, in part, on the number of jobs to be created/retained. Funds are provided in the form of loans and forgivable loans. Projects eligible for EDSA funding include, but are not limited to, the following:

Working Capital

EDSA investments should not be considered a sole funding source. The program leverages other financial support such as bank financing and private investment.

The EDSA program assistance is targeted toward business projects located in communities of under 50,000 population. At least 51 percent of the created/retained employment opportunities must be made available to individuals presently earning wages defined as low-and-moderate income.

The EDSA program can provide assistance up to $500,000.

Businesses interested in the program should contact the Iowa Department of Economic Development along with relevant local organizations to determine eligibility or to obtain information specific to your needs. Eligible applicants may apply for benefits by completing the Project Review Form.